Robert Forster And I Knew

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And I Knew

from the 2015 album 'Songs To Play'.

And I knew
My future wife, lived another life
And that I'd go
Across the land and across the see
To where she'd be,
Somewhere there, I didn't know where
And that she'd be
Dressed in red which to me said
Here I am.

Don't know just why but I knew from the start
We were born to be but then born far apart

And I knew
The girl next door would have to wait for
The other guy
In the other house on the other side
Because I'd be
Gone again, off again
To see
If she was love or alone, at work or at home
Is where she'd be

Turned every door and I saw every face
Knew you were here didn't know the right place

And I knew.

Written by Robert Forster.