Robert Forster A Poet Walks

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A Poet Walks

from the 2015 album 'Songs To Play'.

I walk the streets and hug the walls
I see a canal and think 'waterfalls'
And there are numbers, long distance numbers I could call
And there are faces, long distance faces I can't recall, around here at all.

I see the shops and I walk on by
My soup-stained vest, my critical eye
And given two choices, two clear choices, I take both
And there are secrets that I could tell but I won't, no I won't.

I got a notebook and I got a light
My head is loose, my jacket's tight
A poet walks and the path is bright.

And there are visions like a spell I can't break
I can't break, I can't break
A poet walks through the streets past canals and retreats and the fog
A poet walks shits and talks just a thought a passing thought.

To walk past all the loves that I've known, past all the lives I've outgrown
The skin and the bone
To know every decision that I made was my own and pre-ordained.
To roll up and to save.

Written by Robert Forster.