Robert Forster Love Is Where It Is

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Love Is Where It Is

from the 2015 album 'Songs To Play'.

She tells me everything in advance
The secrets in the tress and in the plants
Oh she does, yes she does
I'm walking down the street and I'm flash
A suit and a tie and a pair of black new pants
And leather shoes, they bring my news.

The sun is down and fallen in her eyes
The look she throws me takes me by surprise
A butterfly, flutters by
She tells there's a place that we must go
We're leaving in an hour I hope you know
Where to go? I don't know.

Love Is Where It Is

In her arms is where I come alive
The way she makes me feel I can't describe
Words have flown, words are gone

La la la la la la la

Love Is Where It Is

Written by Robert Forster.