Robert Forster news update - 20th April 2008

Articles and Reviews for The Evangelist
Robert has written an article about The Evangelist for The Sunday Times. It appears in the 20th April 2008 print edition and it can also be read on-line here
Reviews and features are appearing on-line and in print for The Evangelist, including:
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia, 19th April 2008, interview)
The Australian (Australia, 19th April 2008, interview)
The Australian (Australia, 19th April 2008, video interview)
The Courier-Mail (Australia, 19th April 2008, interview)
The Irish Independent (Ireland, 19th April 2008, interview)
Gaesteliste (Germany, April 2008, interview)
Reuters (US, 21st March 2008, interview)
de Volksrant (The Netherlands, 3rd April 2008, review)
Schweriner Volkszeitung (Germany, 17th April 2008, review)
Uncut (UK, May 2008, review, Q&A)
Q (UK, May 2008, review)
Rolling Stone (Germany, April 2008, review)
The Guardian (UK, 18th April 2008, review)
Pitchfork (USA, 18th April 2008, news story)
The Sun (UK, 18th April 2008, review)
The Times (UK, 19th April 2008, review)
The Sunday Times (UK, 20th April 2008, review)
Scotland On Sunday (UK, 20th April 2008, review)